Who am I?

My name is Naifa. I am a student at Southern New Hampshire University. Actually, I am an international student from Saudi Arabia. My major is Accounting and Finance.


When I was 12 years old, my mother brought me a lap top. It was one of my dreams at that time. It was the first device I own it. Every thing was interesting and excited for me. I have tried to play with PowerPoint to create some motional slides. I wished to learn how to create movies. It was only a wish until I involved in one of the summer courses. That course taught me how to create simple movies, and some basis about taking pictures. It was the first step for me.


Short Movies

I enjoy creating short movies. Some of them I use pictures and videos I took, and others I use something from the Internet. Most of the times, I merge the pictures and videos I took with others from the Internet to create a movie. It totally depends on the type of the movie. I have create several movies for myself, my family, my friends, and other relatives. In addition, I have create some others as a specific orders to some people and sell the movie to them. It is a small business to spend my free time to do something I love.


I am interested on taking pictures by my camera. I have a Canon camera, which helps me to take some great pictures. Photography is one of my hobbies.I take pictures for my families,my friends, babies, places, countries, and events.

Why photography and Creating Movies

Photography and Movies are something you can show others. It is hobbies I am interested in. I want to show others what I have done. Let them give me some comments to improve and develop myself. I am looking forward to see their comments, and I will do my best to develop my work.

Future Plans

I have created some movies and get some money by selling them. I stopped when I start studying at the university, But I am thinking about having my own business to create movies, and websites.